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Fortune Favors the Prepared

Prefabrication is the process of building out a job prior to the beginning of an install. Our team generates a precise model of the building project and builds out every step in the install before work begins. The individual components are packaged and stored off site. Once install arrives, Torgeson’s skilled electricians can work efficiently and safely to complete the work.

Prefabrication allows us to complete jobs in a shorter time.


Prefabrication saves time and money

The prefabrication process and the level of planning Torgeson brings to a project eliminates unnecessary time and wasted money. Torgeson’s prefabrication process brings an unprecedented level of precision without sacrificing craft.

Prefabrication creates a cleaner, safer, and more productive construction environment. It means few materials stored onsite, evenly dispersed labor hours across project schedules, and pre-assembled products ready for install to ensure critical milestones in the construction process are met.