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The clean power of solar energy for residential, commercial and industrial settings from your trusted local professional electrical company.


pixabay solar panel pictureSolar photovoltaic (PV) systems provide sustainable electricity that alleviates your monthly energy bill and is good for the environment. But not all providers are alike. Avoid cookie-cutter products and providers that may not suit your situation. Torgeson Solar's experts will design and install the best system for you to maximize the value of your investment.

Ask your tax professional how you can get

up to a 30% tax credit for your solar system.


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Clean energy services include:

Customized System Design

Maximize the value of your system and performance options.

Commercial & Residential Installation

Trusted NE Kansas contractor wit 40+ years professional installations.

Post Installation & Service

Dedicated team for all your solar needs.

Commercial & Residential EV Charging

Upgrade options for current or future EV charging options.

Commercial & Residential Service/Maintenance

Full time service department for all your electrical needs.


Photo of a Torgeson Electric Employee, Nathan Beers

Nathan Beers

Solar Department Manager